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My Nature Walk

Finally, the day has come when I can resume my walks. After what feels like years, I walk along the Charles River, I wish that you could feel my elation at being able to rejoin my friends, it is as if my feet were floating 6 inches above the ground? My bag once again carries my camera, sketchpad and notebook, and there is a sensation that even the bag is pleased to, once again, be fulfilling its purpose. There is a light rain, the air feels misty, the temperature is comfortable – it is a perfect day to walk, observe, and regain my feeling of connection with the world around me. After three months, when my physical problems prevented normal activity, I am hungry for this stimulation. My walk takes me to the bridge across the river, and I stand at the railing, scanning for anything unusual as well as for my older friends. The blue heron and its young are on the east bank; there is a new swan by the waterfall. I met the blue heron last summer. It was my first opportunity to befriend this beautiful but ungainly bird. Have you ever seen a blue heron? It looks awkward as it crouches or gets ready to fly, but when it stands still, on a rock, on one leg, or it flies over the river, the heron is one of the most graceful birds that can be seen.

My spirit soars with each familiar thing I notice. Each step is an adventure to be enjoyed and the plants, shrubs and birds are old friends with whom I renew my acquaintance. It seems a perfect day, and one of my happiest in a long time. Still, there is a sense of longing beneath my enjoyment. For what? Someone to share this joy? New things to observe and learn about? Freedom and experiences I used to have? For life itself? I really want all of it and more.

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