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Steve Vai - His First 30 Years The Documentary

Steve Vai, Grammy award winning artist, talked with Eric Dahl on the Rock & Review about his 'Teeth of the Hydra' video, tour, new documentary and Living Colour collaboration! Vai played with the band Living Colour on their hit song 'Cult of Personality.' The new documentary covers Steve's first 30 years in music. Vai started his musical journey by playing a Spinet organ at 6 years old and then advanced to accordion by age 9. His first band was named Hot Chocolate and included his sister. Vai's earliest job was driving an Ice Cream truck and then teaching guitar. His Ibanez signature model guitars include the JEM, Universe and PIA models. Catch Steve Vai on tour with his 'Inviolate' album!

Steve Vai - His First 30 Years | The Documentary


"I was honored when Joe invited me to join the G4 experience and I decided to write and record an instrumental track called "Yo 2 Joe" as a tribute to him. I was further honored when he played on the track with me because he is such an amazing artist. I wanted the track to reflect the vibe of his influential Surfing with the Alien album. Thirty years later, he continues to wow generations of guitar players and music fans alike." The track will be released as a single on July 21 and will be given free to those attending the camp. Pre-orders for the track begin today: Also joining SATRIANI and COLLEN at this year's G4 Experience: Surfing with the Alien 30th Anniversary are Warren DeMartini [Ratt], and Paul Gilbert. The event takes place on July 24-28 at Asilomar Center in Carmel, CA. For its fourth installment, the G4 Experience enjoys a game-changing and historic first. The camp will celebrate the writing, recording, and performance of SATRIANI's seminal GRAMMY Award-nominated, platinum-selling 1987 epic, Surfing with the Alien-one of the most successful instrumental guitar albums ever made. Recognizing the record's 30th anniversary, campers will enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pull back the curtain on the album with the visionaries behind the music. SATRIANI will be joined by his original live band during the record's tour cycle, Stu Hamm and Jonathan Mover, return for the first time since 1995 for the evening's performances. For more information on G4, visit: 02.26.2017 Facebook Live Q&A With Sammy Hagar March 10 Join Joe and Sammy (& special guest) for a special Facebook Live event celebrating the release of Chickenfoot "BEST + LIVE" at 1pm PT Friday March 10th. They will answer questions and do some live signing + giveaways of the new CD! Post your questions in the comments on this Facebook post and pre-order your copy of BEST + LIVE at

A few pics from the road on our Asia tour with Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann, Mike Keneally. Having much fun playing for our Asian fans and being tourists on our days off! 01.26.2017 New Chickenfoot "BEST+LIVE" Coming March 10 Chickenfoot's new release BEST + LIVE features the band's first new tune in 5 years. The new track "Divine Termination" opens up the group's first ever best of collection. Pre-order today

In May 2016, Chickenfoot reunited for two highly-anticipated one-time shows at Harrah's Lake Tahoe, and played their first complete set in more than six years, along with a special unveiling of the new tune "Divine Termination." Joe Satriani describes the track as "bone crunching, hell raising rock, dripping with attitude and vibe. Just the way Chickenfoot likes it!.

And, as a little taste of what's to come in 2017, I asked ZZ toput together a short trailer for his full length experimental tourdocumentary about our "Shockwave Tour 2016". He followed us acrossEurope for almost two months and captured the sound and the fury,and all the crazy stuff no one else sees from the audience. Filmedand edited in ZZ's unique style, we hope to release the fulldocumentary in the first half of 2017.

Vai learned valuable life lessons along the way and eventually made up with Eddie Kramer. When he came to my house in the Hollywood Hills, some years had passed since we were first introduced. But he greeted me again like a long, lost brother. We talked about guitars and theory and he saw the Marshall amp standing in the corner and reflected on that moment when we first met and smiled at the memory.

The first hour or so of the documentary does a fine job charting the milestones of the first 40 years of effects development, pulling out the builders, pedals and, of course, the artists and songs that helped make these effects so popular.

Bill & Ted Face the Music came out on Friday, which found Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves slipping back into their iconic roles for the first time in nearly 30 years. It's a terrifically entertaining film, funny and sweet and very much in the spirit of the first two movies -- you can read our review here.

Winter is more of a director than an actor these days: his documentary Showbiz Kids recently premiered on HBO, and he also directed an upcoming documentary on Frank Zappa which he spent six years making and was supposed to premiere at SXSW this year till COVID-19 got in the way. "I pitched this thing to Gail, to Frank's widow, as a film that would hopefully really convey who he was as an artist, and the time that he lived in. And we get into the history of music, we get into the sexual revolution, and the MTV revolution, and the Czechoslovakia revolution. And Frank was at the middle of the center of all of these things. So it's just an extraordinary life. And I'm really, really grateful we got to make it. So hopefully folks will like it." The film will be out in November via Magnolia Pictures. 041b061a72

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