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Xonia - My Beautiful One Ft. Deepcentral (Official Music Video) [BETTER]

In 2006, Xonia was selected to represent Australia at the international Beauty Contest "Miss Diaspora", where she had the opportunity to perform in front of 20,000 live spectators.[8] Same year later she performed in the Melbourne Commonwealth Games opening and closing ceremonies and was selected to dance with a guest star, the football player Nathan Brown from Richmond team.[9] Throughout 2007, Xonia showcased her choreography abilities while working with pop singer Georgina Ward for her live shows;[10] eventually she was featured as a backup dancer in some of the music videos produced by Ian Smith and Laura Gissara.[11] At the age of 19, Xonia enrolled in at the Hollywood Pop Academy in California, where she studied dance theory for a short time.[12]

Xonia - My Beautiful One ft. Deepcentral (Official Music Video)


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