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Blonde YIFY

Classic musical comedy directed by the great Howard Hawks and starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. Marilyn's determined to marry a rich heir but his father has hired a private detective to prove the beautiful blonde's just after his money. Jane tries to protect Marilyn and keep her out of trouble while the two travel to Paris.Marilyn's pitch-perfect as the gold-digging Lorelei Lee. She played the 'dumb blonde' better than anybody in movie history. It's impossible not to like her, even when she's doing things you might not agree with. Jane's never been better than here playing Marilyn's sassy man-crazy best friend. Charles Coburn is the horny owner of a diamond mine. Child actor George Winslow steals every scene he's in. Tommy Noonan is fun as Marilyn's fiancé. Elliott Reid is the weakest part of the cast as the private detective who falls for Jane. He's just so stiff and corny that I couldn't see what a great dish like Jane Russell could see in him. He looks like a Fed.Lots of great lines and scenes. Possibly the best thing about the movie is just how gorgeous it looks. I'm not just talking about the leading ladies, who are both stunning. The Technicolor just pops off the screen. One of my favorite movies of all time. It'll make you smile from start to finish. Colorful, funny, sexy, with enjoyable performances and wonderful songs. Includes one of Marilyn's defining moments - "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." An absolute must-see classic.

Blonde YIFY

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Throw realism out the window--otherwise, this film probably won't work. That's because if you really think about it, the character that Marilyn Monroe plays is pretty despicable. But, playing it for comedy manages to make her a bit easier to take. Monroe plays a money-grubber whose only interest is finding a rich man to buy her things. Her shallowness is astounding! Conversely, her best friend (Jane Russell) is man-crazy but could care less if a man has money. In real life, such divergent personalities could never be such close friends, as their values are diametrically opposed. But, given some nice comedy writing and music, it is easier to take.The film begins with Monroe and her current boyfriend (Tommy Noonan) becoming engaged. He's a rich but rather wimpy young man whose family would never approve of a showgirl like Monroe's character. Despite this, he promises to marry her in Europe. But, when she is ready to travel on the Isle de France, he's a no-show so she decides to look for other game--in other words, another rich guy. Her quarry on the cruise is a rich old goat (Charles Coburn) and it doesn't bother her that he's already married! Nice girl, huh?! On the cruise, Russell meets a nice guy who claims to be rich as well--a definite turnoff for her. However, in reality he's a private detective who was sent to get proof of the sort of woman Monroe is, as Noonan's family is desperate to keep their son from making a big mistake.While the film seems to try to get you feel sorry for the girls, if you think about it, Monroe is a despicable whore--and makes little pretense about this! She's a self-involved money-hungry "lady" with no real depth to her. When caught, she claims that SHE is the victim! Some who watch the film can just laugh at her character but I know I struggled to keep watching, as I hated everything about her. Also, why, oh why, would a nice lady like Russell have anything to do with such a selfish conniver?! The bottom line is that there is some nice comedy (particularly the cute scenes with child actor George Winslow) and some amazingly iconic musical numbers (such as "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"). But, aside from this, the story just seems pretty shallow and dumb. It is a bit easier to take since Monroe seems hard to take seriously, but still she is a horrible person...and not always that funny.This film has many fans and perhaps they are more able to laugh off the plot as fluff or just focus on how incredibly beautiful Miss Monroe is in the film. As for me, the film just promotes the "blondes are idiots" myth and seems to paint some women as glorified prostitutes--and because of that, while it looks great, it misses the mark.Fluff...unadulterated fluff. And this is made all too apparent in the dopey courtroom scene near the end...uggh! You just have to see it to believe's THAT bad. Up until the ending, I might have given the film a 6 or 7--it was annoying but well made. However, given the courtroom antics of Jane Russell and how ridiculous the whole thing is, I am begin charitable in giving the film a 5.

This is a film that in some ways seems very modern and in many other ways just seems to creek with age. However, because of a few very interesting moments which I'll soon talk about, it's still worth seeing--particularly for lovers of old films and film historians.The "modern" aspects about the film occur all at the beginning. Despite a stereotype that sex was pretty much invented in movies in the 1960s, raunchy and racy scenes were alive and well when BLONDE VENUS was filmed. These so-called "Pre-Code" films often reveled in nudity, off-color plots and violence--things that would be eliminated or sanitized when the mid-1930s and the new Production Code was enacted (mostly due to flagging ticket sales and an outcry about the content of these risqué films). Being Pre-Code, the film starts with a lot of gratuitous nudity--perhaps pretty tame by today's standards, but pretty shocking nonetheless. Marlene Dietrich and her lady-friends are skinny-dipping when Herbert Marshall and his friends happen upon them. In the process, the viewers are shown glimpses of breasts and buttocks--as seen through strategically-placed tree branches. This really is a fascinating scene and, oddly, really doesn't fit into the rest of the film. In other words, after this swimming scene, the film abruptly changes and announces that Marshall and Dietrich were married. This lack of a decent transition is a minor problem but can be overlooked.From this point on, the film really seems to creak with age! The plot is at times racy (as Dietrich uses sex to pay for her husband's needed medical treatment abroad), but also very, very much grounded in extreme melodrama and occasional over-acting--something much more common in this era than with later films. The exact reasons and all are probably best left for you to learn yourself--I don't want to spoil the film.However, there is one totally amazing scene you MUST see about 1/3 of the way into the film. Ms. Dietrich is forced to return to the stage because the family is practically bankrupt. As a result, she sings and dances several times throughout the film. However, the first dance number is amazingly bizarre--so strange that it is a "must see" for movie historians. The night club has an African native dance scene where the girls are all dressed in silly costumes with HUGE afro wigs. Then, in chains, Marlene in a gorilla suit is led onto the stage!! The suit, by the way, was awfully realistic compared to those I've seen in many films. Anyways, she then slowly does a partial striptease and dons here own blonde afro wig and begins singing "HOT VOODOO"--a very silly song that is just too amazing to miss. Unfortunately, though, in this and all the other songs, her voice is consistently drowned out by the music--the balance just wasn't even close to being right.Overall, for those who are not big fans of old films, you should skip this one--it won't make you an instant fan and you may find it all very laughable. However, there might just be enough of interest to Pre-Code fans and lovers of kitsch to merit seeing this film.

It is true but sad that no one in the world would have known about a small Czech town named Zruc if Czech director Milos Forman had not made this film.It is a good thing that he has made it as its fresh appeal would ensure that it is remembered as a supreme example of a famous cinema movement of the sixties called Czech new wave."Lásky jedné Plavovlásky" is a touching film about sad realities, disappointments in love faced by innocent people when they pursue an idle romantic relationship.It is based on a real event which took place in Milos Forman's life when at Prague he saw a beautiful albeit a lost girl roaming in the middle of the night.We see the lives of young people especially young girls who feel bored as there is hardly any male companionship available to them.As this film was made in socialist times we also get to see the attitude of parents belonging to a socialist system.Milos Forman makes his film memorable when he deals with risks which young people take when they fall in live.He conveys that it is not so easy to continue a relationship which has remained frivolous from its inception.Loves of a blonde maintains it serious stance as there is a talk of a serious problem of dwindling male female ratio faced by many European nations.One of the most funny moments of this film include a good social experiment when an army unit is asked to move to Zruc in order to woo its lonely girls.

"Don't judge a book by its hair color!".Elle Woods has it all. She's the president of her sorority, a Hawaiian Tropic girl, Miss June in her campus calendar, and, above all, a natural blonde. She dates the cutest fraternity boy on campus and wants nothing more than to be Mrs. Warner Huntington III. But, there's just one thing stopping Warner from popping the question: Elle is too blonde.

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