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Statistical Reasoning In Sports Book Pdf

Statistical Reasoning in Sports book pdf

If you are looking for a book that introduces the principles of statistical reasoning using engaging examples from sports, you might be interested in Statistical Reasoning in Sports by Josh Tabor and Chris Franklin. This book features a student-friendly approach that allows you to ask questions, collect and analyze data, and draw conclusions using randomization tests. You will learn how to use statistics to answer questions such as:

  • Is it harder to shoot free throws with distractions?

  • Does the hot hand exist in basketball?

  • How can we compare the abilities of different athletes or teams?

  • What are the best strategies for playing games of chance or skill?

The book covers the Common Core Standards for Probability and Statistics and includes topics such as categorical and numerical data, proportions, independence, measures of variability, standardized scores, normal distributions, confidence intervals, regression, nonlinear relationships, counting rules, probability, expected value, and more. The book also provides real-world data sets from various sports and online applets for simulations and visualizations.

Download Zip:

You can find more information about the book and its authors on the publisher's website. You can also preview some pages of the book on Google Books. If you want to buy the book, you can order it online from the publisher or from other retailers such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

We hope you enjoy reading this book and learning more about statistical reasoning in sports!

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