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[Pack] Evelina Darling

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[Pack] Evelina Darling

At another time you would find her enjoying the society of a fat andsticky baby, with blue eyes and no hair, who sat gravely in the middleof the rug staring its best. This, she would explain, was the offspringof a country friend, the possessor of many other hopefuls, who had comeinto the town for a day's shopping, and being obliged to burthenherself with the "last-joined," had been only too glad to accept herkind old friend's offer to take charge of the darling for two or threehours, while she flew round the shops with a long list and a shortpurse. A chop and a strong and sweet cup of tea, as well as the cherub,on her return awaited the tired mother, and these refreshments wereadministered with loving tyranny.

Whatever my dear old friend received as a present must be shared withher friends, from a bunch of violets to a New Zealand leg of mutton.Sometimes has her faithful Phyllis appeared at my door with a neatlyput-up package, addressed to me with compliments, and containing grapesor cake, or some other delicacy sent her by friends, and which to takefrom her seemed quite impossible. "No, Phyllis, no, I cannot take it,indeed it is quite impossible, she must not ask me," I would cry. andthe offering would go with a deprecatory note. But the old lady wasvery obstinate, and a pendulum sort of process now commenced betweenour houses, a tug of war between two equally determined wills! I haveknown a package go backwards and forwards five times, but alas! shealways conquered in the end.

Her ſurprize, however, at a change ſo ſudden in the condition of this young man, and at a declaration of a paſſion for writing, ſo oppoſite to all the ſentiments which he had profeſſed at their late meeting in the cottage, awakened in her a ſtrong curioſity to be informed of his ſituation; and after putting aſide ſome books which ſhe deſired to have packed up for her, ſhe aſked if the gentleman who had juſt left the ſhop, and who, ſhe found by what he had ſaid, was an Author, had written any thing that was publiſhed with his name?

He had found him, he ſaid, writing, but in high ſpirits and good humour. He had reſiſted, for a while, his invitation on account of his dreſs, all his clothes but the very coat which he had on being packed up and at his mother's: but, when laughed at by Mr. Monckton for ſtill retaining ſome foppery,he gayly proteſted what remained of it ſhould be extinguiſhed; and acknowledging that his ſhame was no part of his philoſophy, declared he would throw it wholly aſide, and, in ſpite of his degradation, renew his viſits at his houſe. 041b061a72

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