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I'm going to tell you the story of 'FIX-IT'.  You'll hear that phrase often from me.  One night, we were sitting in unfoldment class. 

     The news was full of a trip The Secretary of State, Kissinger, was making to Israel and Egypt.  He was currently in Egypt trying to negotiate a deal where the 2 countries would accept each other and help broker peace in the region.

     In class, one of the members Guide spoke through her and said "A good man is coming to spirit before his time"..I'm not going to comment on the statement or it's accuracy or even on how heavily overshadowed the class member was. 

     What happened next was that 10 or 12 of the class reacted with statements that they had picked up it was Kissinger, or that it was about the trip to the mideast .  A few thought they had received the same thing.  I'm not sure about my memory of the rest of class.  But, nobody, including myself, contradicted her.  I did get very upset listening to the comments, though.

     Driving home, we commented about class and the prediction.  I remember exploding- there are more than 20 people projecting that Kissinger is going to die.  If She got it wrong, this could cause him to be killed.  That's when my teacher, Selam, loudly, said "If you heard it or felt it, you can Fix It.  Now FIX-IT".  Repeating that to my friends, we each, in our own way, fixed it.  Not being sure how to fix it, I saw Kissinger start to carry out his plans and then, suddenly, go to a different meeting.  Aino put up a big NOT in front of his printed schedule and I can't remember how Carla fixed it.

     As I walked in the door the next evening, the phone was ringing.  It was Carla, "Put on the TV right now."  "Why what's going on?" "Just put on the TV".  The TV had a news special on.  There had been a break through in negotiations.  Kissinger had met with the other 2 heads of state instead of visiting a famous mosque.  As they were preparing for The visit the police had found 3 men in the mosque hiding with a plan to kill Kissinger when he started praying.

     Ever since, when any of us heard a negative prediction we 'Fixed It".  Sometimes by changing it, sometimes by placing a shield around the person or situation and these days I put ❌ or 🚫 or just NO in front of what I want to change.

      Try it in you own lives.  I'm probably the only person, still on the earth plane, who was in that circle, but the ripples remain to the present time. 

      For those of you on Facebook, there is a private group, 'Fix It', designed to help find ways to change things.  Feel free to join it, if you aren't already a member.  Or message me and I'll send an invitation.  Each of us has a responsibility to turn our world into a more positive place.  To heal, to protect, to re-steer the direction.  More than any religious, philosophical, scientific belief system, we are here to redirect the 'thought patterns' of the world we chose to enter.

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