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What Does Affirmation Mean? What are affirmations?

Here are a few definitions:


It is a short sentence that motivates, inspires and encourages you to take action and to realize your goals.

It is a sentence that you repeat often, in order to imprint it on your subconscious mind. This repetition can change your habits, behavior and point of view.

Words and thoughts have power. When you repeat them often, they can, in various ways, affect and make changes in your environment.

It is a positive thought and belief that can change your thought patterns and overcome negative self talk.

Every Morning - Speak Aloud

"Today is going to be a GOOD Day.

I will set a goal for today and I will achieve it.

I will not be afraid. 

I am capable of knowing what is best for myself

I will NOT pay attention to anybody who disagrees

I will achieve my goal today."

Every night, before going to sleep - Speak Aloud

"I want to have a Dream where I...."









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