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ABOUT Marcia

After retiring from over 40 years in the scientific and management fields, Marcia became interested in exploring her creative side. During the subsequent years, Marcia began to write short stories, experimented with writing poetry and learned the possibilities involved in drawing and painting. She rapidly discovered that no single material or set of techniques satisfied her completely, so she continues to explore a number of possibilities. Marcia’s goal in all her work is to convey, to the viewer, her reactions to the world and everything it contains.

Marcia’s photographs and paintings have been juried into shows at the Cambridge Art Association, and a number of on-line international competitions. Marcia has attended art classes at the Cambridge Center of Adult Education, studying drawing, sketching, and painting using various water media. She has also taken classes in photography: studying digital photography, photojournalism. abstract photography, photography using spring, summer and autumn light and history of photography. Marcia has taken art workshops throughout the Northeast; studying under Karen Roscosco, David Daniels and Pat Dews.

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