Who is Marcia?

Marcia's Artistic Statement

Marcia uses her creativity to express her vision of her external and internal worlds. She uses her photography to convey the beauty and patterns of her physical world, her ‘fractured fotographs’ convey the possibilities of manipulating the physical world to show new patterns and possibilities and her paintings to create original work that conveys emotions, feelings and mood.

Today, Marcia's art displays her interests – her love of nature, it’s beauty, patterns, and incredible range of possibilities. Her love of the man-made, the power and possibilities of man’s structures and their interactions with the world around them. Her love of the non-physical, the possibilities of what never existed, the emotions of the inanimate, the communication of that which has no mouth or external sound. Her art has lead to the desire to show existence through the senses and emotions and has pushed her to concentrate on three forms of artistic endeavor: non-representational painting, her ‘fractured fotographs’, and views she captures through ‘realistic’ digital photographs.

In her painting, she use several mediums, such as acrylics, inks, and watercolors, to create original work that conveys emotions, feelings and mood. The goals are to convey her reactions to the world and everything it contains. Marcia’s current work is based on creating layered works which use both texture and color to evoke ideas of what might be.

Her ‘fractured fotographs’ are computer manipulations of her ‘as taken’ photos to present something that does not exist but is, instead, a changed form of beauty. She tries, through those pictures to reflect a more general truth about the subject and its interaction with the viewer. Marcia often tries to focus attention on parts of the whole that might not be noticed otherwise.

Over the years, her photography has focused most strongly on capturing the patterns around her: from nature; plants, animals, birds, flowers, trees and landscapes and from the man-made; structures such as buildings, unique industrial configurations, construction sites, and recreation sites such as golf courses or children’s playgrounds, and outdoor sculptures. Most recently, her photography has focused upon the patterns and shapes of the world around her, rather than just capturing the physical nature of the object.

Marcia's Art Biography

After retiring from over 40 years in the scientific and management fields, Marcia became interested in exploring her creative side. During the subsequent years, Marcia began to write short stories, experimented with writing poetry and learned the possibilities involved in drawing and painting. She rapidly discovered that no single material or set of techniques satisfied her completely, so she continues to explore a number of possibilities. Marcia’s goal in all her work is to convey, to the viewer, her reactions to the world and everything it contains.

Marcia’s photographs and paintings have been juried into shows at the Cambridge Art Association, and a number of on-line international competitions. Marcia has attended art classes at the Cambridge Center of Adult Education, studying drawing, sketching, and painting using various water media. She has also taken classes in photography: studying digital photography, photojournalism. abstract photography, photography using spring, summer and autumn light and history of photography. Marcia has taken art workshops throughout the Northeast; studying under Karen Roscosco, David Daniels and Pat Dews.